A beautiful smile – your best friend.

Beautiful smile. Does it matter? How can I improve the satisfaction with my smile? What is cosmetic dentistry?

It has been with us from an early age.

Did you know that the first conscious smile appears even in the second month of life? It is a reaction to what is most important for the child, that is the closeness of the parents, their warmth and care. From that moment on, a smile accompanies us throughout our lives in all joyful moments. It is with us both during successes, important events and during mundane everyday activities. Interestingly, this joyful wince is extremely universal and regardless of cultural differences, it remains the same all over the world;)

What if we feel discomfort while smiling?

Remember, don’t give up on sharing your joy. If you feel a lack of courage during this activity, you should consider what is the reason. The satisfaction with our smile depends on many factors, such as a straight bite, full dentition, the right colour and size of the teeth, the appearance of the gums, and even the shape and size of the lips. Determining the exact cause and dealing with the resulting discomfort may turn out to be a challenge.

Don’t worry, you are not alone with your problem. Our team will be happy to help you diagnose the problem as well as create a beautiful and satisfying smile for you. During the first visit, the doctor will not only thoroughly examine the oral cavity, but also set up the entire treatment process, so that you can smile without restriction.

How can we improve our smile?

There is no one-size-fits-all way. Each of us is different and requires an individual approach, which is why it is so important to consult your problem with a dentist. Aesthetic dentistry is a dynamically developing branch of medicine and offers many methods to improve the quality of life of patients. Its scope includes highly aesthetic fillings, whitening, crowns and veneers. Improvement in smile satisfaction is also obtained thanks to orthodontic treatment, as well as surgical replacement of missing teeth with implants.

We know that you can feel lost in amount of ways to improve the aesthetics of a smile. Therefore, we encourage you to consult your issues.  Dentist will be able to suggest and thoroughly explain all the methods that are best for you so that you can get a beautiful and satisfying smile.

The simplest and least invasive method of improving the aesthetics of our smile is to replace discoloured or unsatisfactory fillings. Often, a discoloured line appears on the border of the connection of the tooth tissues and the filling, which may indicate a loss of soundness of filling, replacing such a filling, in addition to improving its appearance, will help protect the tooth against caries. In case you don’t like the shape of the filling or the tooth, it is enough to make a new restoration or even composite veneers. However, it is a way of dealing with limited aesthetic disturbances.

What if the problem is the colour of our teeth?

Of course, in this case, the first thing to think about is whitening. Before we start whitening our teeth, all cavities should be treated, both carious and non-carious, i.e. chipped or worn teeth. Perfect hygiene is necessary during whitening, all residue on the teeth and gums must be cleaned, otherwise troublesome inflammation may occur. Ignoring the condition of our teeth before starting whitening can lead to serious complications, starting from tooth hypersensitivity, through pulpitis, and in extreme cases even tooth loss. Proper preparation and care will avoid such unpleasant situations.

What if our problems are more severe?

In these cases, consider orthodontic or prosthetic treatment (i.e. veneers or crowns), or a combination of both. A number of orthodontic methods will allow us to take care of the correct positioning of the teeth and correct bite, while prosthetic restorations will correct significant discolouration or defects, and permanently protect the teeth.

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