A beautiful smile – your best friend.

Beautiful smile. Does it matter? How can I improve the satisfaction with my smile? What is cosmetic dentistry?

It has been with us from an early age. Did you know that the first conscious smile appears even in the second month of life? It is a reaction to what is most important for the child, that is the closeness of the parents, their warmth and care. From that moment on, a smile accompanies…

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Brave Patient – or how to help your child not to be afraid of the dentist?

When is the first time to visit the dentist with the child? Probably many parents wonder when to visit a dentist’s office for the first time? If this question arose in your mind, it means that both you and your child are ready to get to know the dentist. At the outset, it is...

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Endodontics, or commonly root canal treatment.

What is root canal treatment? Firstly its is worth to briefly focus on tooth anatomy. Our teeth consist of a crown and roots. In the correct situation, in the oral cavity, we only see the crown, and the roots hide under the gum in the bone. Inside the crown there is a chamber that...

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Conservative dentistry – what is it and why is it so important?

What is conservative dentistry? Conservative dentistry and periodontics are divisions of dentistry that deal with both the prevention of dental diseases and the treatment of cavities. The scope of prevention includes activities such as: regular checkups of the condition of the mouth and teeth instruction on proper oral hygiene...

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Prosthetics in a brief

What is prosthetic treatment? The aim of prosthetic treatment is to restore the proper function and appearance of the stomatognathic system. Prosthetic treatment consists in restoring lost tooth tissues and rebuilding the surrounding soft tissues. What are the benefits of prosthetic treatment? Tooth loss is not just an...

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Orthodontics – quick look

What is orthodontic treatment? Orthodontic treatment consists of prevention and treatment of malocclusion by changing the position of teeth, which not only results in a favorable aesthetic effect, but also improves function. It can also be performed to improve the conditions for placement of a dental implant or for prosthetic...

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Dental Implants – the basics.

What is an implant? What befits does it provide? A dental implant is a reconstruction of a lost tooth placed into the bone. It is currently the best imitation of natural tissues. An implant is a unique foreign body that undergoes a process of osseointegration. This process connects the bone with the implant surface....

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