Prosthetics in a brief

What is prosthetic treatment? Why is it so important? What are our prosthetic treatment methods?

What is prosthetic treatment?

The aim of prosthetic treatment is to restore the proper function and appearance of the stomatognathic system. Prosthetic treatment consists in restoring lost tooth tissues and rebuilding the surrounding soft tissues.

What are the benefits of prosthetic treatment?

Tooth loss is not just an aesthetic problem. We are often not aware of the negative consequences of damaging even a single tooth. Our teeth work as a team, so the remaining teeth must take over the functions of missing or broken one. While chewing food, bite force may exceed 60 kg. If so much pressure spreads over the incomplete dental arches, it leads to their faster wear and displacement of teeth from their correct positions. For the correct occlusal function, you need not only a full dentition, but also its proper height. The absence or the presence of damaged teeth can affect the entire dental system, making it difficult to speak and eat. Moreover, missing teeth have a negative effect on muscles and the temporomandibular joint, which may further result in recurrent headaches. They can radiate to the neck or ears or cause tinnitus. In addition, when deciding on a prosthetic reconstruction, we protect a significantly damaged tooth against cracking, preventing the need for its extraction.

What are the indications for prosthetic reconstruction?
  • extensive carious process
  • tooth reconstruction after endodontic treatment
  • extensive tooth injuries
  • missing teeth
  • reconstruction after insertion of a dental implant
  • correction of the aesthetics of the teeth
  • short-circuit height correction
  • dysfunction of the stomatognathic system
  • What are the methods of prosthetic treatment?

The types of prosthetic restorations can be divided primarily into permanent and removable restorations.

Permanent restorations such as veneers, onlays, crowns and bridges are fixed on teeth or implants (crowns, bridges). They provide the best comfort, faithfully imitating healthy teeth.

Removable restorations are generally called prostheses or dentures, but their designs can be significantly different. The use of precision abutments made on teeth or implants noticeably improves the stability of the prosthesis in the mouth. On the other hand, removable restorations based on the mucosa are less stabilized.

In Smile and Care dental center, each treatment is preceded by a complete diagnosis, including assessment of the conditions and determining the cause of problem. The restorations are designed individually, selected according to the case and the patient’s expectations.

The method of treatment depends on case. The loss of a small fragment of the tooth crown can be rebuilt with a composite filling (conservative dentistry). However, if the cavity is more extensive or the tooth is subjected to high loads, a permanent prosthetic reconstruction should be considered (veneer, onlay, crown). Missing single or several teeth require careful assessment and selection of therapy. The best method of restoring teeth are restorations based on implants or own teeth, because they provide the best comfort for the patient.

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