Orthodontics – quick look

What is orthodontic treatment? What are the consequences of untreated malocclusion? Is it time for my child to see an orthodontist?

What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment consists of prevention and treatment of malocclusion by changing the position of teeth, which not only results in a favorable aesthetic effect, but also improves function. It can also be performed to improve the conditions for placement of a dental implant or for prosthetic treatment. It should be remembered that orthodontic treatment can be performed in both children and adults.

What are the consequences of untreated malocclusion?

Many people associate orthodontic treatment only with improving the aesthetics of a smile. It is true that it greatly improves the appearance, but it is not its main purpose. There can be many consequences of untreated malocclusions and we often do not associate them with an orthodontic problem. These include speech impediments, meals eating difficulty, including chewing and swallowing, pain in the temporomandibular joint, and even headaches or pains radiating to the ears or neck. In addition, improper positioning of teeth may make it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene and promote periodontal diseases. If we suffer from any of these ailments, it is worth consulting with an orthodontist who will carefully examine bite, assess whether our discomfort is due to its defect, and most importantly, suggest therapies to get alleviate or cure the ailments.

When is the best time to visit an orthodontist for the first time?

The first visit to the orthodontist should take place as early as possible, often when the milk teeth appear. Of course, this does not mean that it is time for proper treatment. Such a visit is useful in order to consult with a doctor the anatomical conditions of the bite, the correctness of tooth eruption (both permanent and deciduous), and most importantly, receive instructions on how to avoid the acquired malocclusion. During this visit, the doctor is able to assess when and whether orthodontic treatment will be needed for your child. It is important to be aware that each child is different and may require orthodontic treatment at a different point in time, so there is no one-size-fits-all age for treatment initiation. However, it is not worth waiting with the start of therapy, because in younger patients, apart from the correction of dental abnormalities, we also can correct bone development.

Which orthodontic appliance to choose?

There are many types of orthodontic appliances available today. In the simplest division, orthodontic appliances are divided into fixed and removable appliances, in addition, we can also choose treatment with invisible overlays. It is natural to feel lost in the face of the number of therapeutic paths. It is worth being aware that not every method is suitable for treating a given malocclusion, which is why it is so important to consult an orthodontist. At the Smile and Care Medical Center, during the first visit, the patient is thoroughly examined by an orthodontist who has modern diagnostic facilities at his disposal, including computed tomography and cephalometry. After thorough diagnosis, the doctor provides full information on the current malocclusion and possible therapeutic methods. It is also the moment when the patient obtains information about the estimated time and costs of treatment. When the patient is accurately diagnosed and receives complete information, it is possible to proceed to the appropriate treatment, which is individually planned for each patient.

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