How to prepare for dental appointment?

We are aware that in today's rush, some details may escape our notice. That is why we have created a list of activities that you should not forget before visiting us.


Prepare your identity documents

At first appointment, we always fill in a detailed interview and create a patient card. We will need data such as telephone number, contact details, residential address and NIN number.


Make a list of medications and chronic diseases

Knowledge about the medications you are taking and your health condition is essential to ensure your safety.


Take all medications that you take on a daily basis

Do not stop taking medications prescribed by other specialists yourself. If the treatment requires modification of the therapy, we will let you know.


Eat something before your visit

Most treatments in a dentist's office are performed under local anesthesia. We are able to endure them better without you being hungry, in addition, it is advisable to wait with the next meal until the numbness has passed .


Prepare your medical records

If you want us to continue treatment started in another facility, medical records will help us understand your problem better. Additionally, if you have had a panoramic radiograph performed in the last 12 months, bring it with you, we will avoid having to do it again .

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